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Discovering the Dutch cuisine

Dutch Cheese, Holland food

Discovering the Dutch cuisine,  we dare you to eat!

Boerenkool, Bossche bol and please do not forget the Brabants Worstenbroodje!

Home Sweet Home. It gives many people a nice feeling to be able to hold on to fixed patterns. Even when it comes to their daily needs, such as food. Every country and every culture have their own eating habits. For many of those people, is it a huge task to depart from here, especially when you hold on these patterns for a very long time. But, what is typically Dutch? And is it worth sliding your habits away and stepping out of your comfort zone? Yes! Dutch cuisine is certainly worthy of considering.

Typical Dutch food

A good example is kale stew. The dish is a combination of potatoes and kale. You can vary it with a lot of different vegetables, for example endive or carrots. Everything is possible. Usually, you eat a stew like kale with smoked sausage. Even this smoked sausage is considered a traditional Dutch product.

Do you dare to take the challenge?!

However, what is even more typically Dutch, is to fill up your sandwich with small grains of chocolate, called “sprinkles”. Eating a different kind of hot dog called “frikandel” on your fries with peanut sauce, typical Dutch licorice, Hague hopjes and eating gingerbread is also typically Dutch. When you go to the weekly market, you can eat the most delicious pickled herring at a fish stall. This is raw fish with raw onions. It is special because the herring is raw. It has a very distinct taste and is also definitely recommended when you are staying in the Netherlands.


The chocolate dream

The Dutch people love sweet treats, and will quickly choose a so-called Bossche bol, which is also called a chocolate sphere. The Bossche bol is a specialty of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, located in Brabant. It is basically a big cream puff, but topped with delicious melted chocolate. You can buy this delicious sweet treat in all sorts of places. However, the best of all is located in the confectionery Jan de Groot, which is located in the center of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

The biggest secret of Brabant

When you prefer a savory flavor instead of sweetened, please try the typical Brabants sausage roll. It is the specialty of the Brabant area. It is a hollow roll, filled with sausages that are made from minced meat. You can buy this sausage sandwich in shops and bakeries, but the most delicious way is to make this sausage roll by yourself so you can enjoy also the most delicious smell spread through your kitchen on a Sunday morning. To give you a quick idea about making your own Brabants sausage roll, I will give you a short recipe here.

Any crazy flaw

In the Netherlands, many people have got, apart aforementioned delicious dishes and snacks, even stranger habits. They eat three times a day and not more. Dinner is served relatively early, as many Dutch people eat their dinner at 17:00 hours. A real tradition in the Netherlands during New Years Eve is also characterized by eating “oliebollen”. These oliebollen are fried yeast dough balls, often sprinkled with powdered sugar. You can vary them by mixing the dough with raisins. The Dutch culture is also known for the snack bars, not especially for the snack bar itself, but the pick of the snacks from the wall. You have to insert a coin in to the wall and you can open a hatch where you will find the most delicious snacks such as a roll or a portion of croquettes.  Also the Dutch are totally addicted to dairy; they drink a lot of milk and eat kilos of cheese. There is an average of 17 pounds of cheese eaten per Dutch citizen and 60 liters of milk per year are drunk. When a birthday is celebrated by a Dutch family, it is common that after drinking coffee or tea, finger foods are left on the table. The Dutch are very expressed in their choice of these snacks; they always serve sliced liver sausage and cheese cubes.

Welcome to the Netherlands!

All in all, it is definitely worth getting out of the so-called comfort zone as you open up a whole new culture. Welcome to the Netherlands!