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On the electric scooter to green houses


Have you already seen the electric Stoit Groep scooters driving through the city center of Eindhoven? Stoit Groep uses the scooters to move efficiently through the city center of Eindhoven.

There is many traffic in the center and it often takes a long time to drive from location A to location B by car. Using the scooters, the estate agent can serve both the tenant and the landlord faster. Stoit Groep finds it important to be environmentally friendly. Besides the electric scooter, Stoit Groep has provided more than 250 accommodations with green energy.

Stoit Groep: a green organization

Stoit Groep has been in existence for more than 35 years. Over the years, the organization has developed themselves further. Green entrepreneurship in real estate is one of the focus points for the upcoming years. A start was made by connecting as many homes as possible with green energy. Stoit Groep has in the meanwhile connected more than 250 accommodations with green energy. It is actually more financially interesting for landlords to have their energy regulated via Stoit Groep than to maintain their own contract. It is not only financial more interesting, but it is also great for the environment too!

The Stoit Scooter

Have you seen the Stoit Scooter before? The electric NIU M series scooter is a practical decision but also well-considered green decision. Since the scooter is available at Stoit Groep, the car is used less often. This results in fewer exhaust fumes in the city center. The estate agents move faster through the city, which makes them arrive earlier for appointments. This is both in the advantage of potential tenants as in the advantage of property owners.

Some technical specifications of the scooter:

  • 8.3 kilograms lightweight LithiumIon battery cell with a range of 51-65 kilometers.
  • Lightweight frame
  • BOSCH 2000W electric motor
  • 270° LED backlight

The electric scooters are from the company NIU. This innovative company is at the forefront of urban mobility solutions in design and engineering. NIU has won more than 7 design awards worldwide for its designs. Besides that, they have developed over three years from one electric scooter model to an international player in the field of urban mobility with multiple electric scooter models.

Green Vestdijk

Stoit Groep is located at the Vestdijk in Eindhoven. At the moment, a lot of work is being done on this street. On September 3 this year, the first constructions have started to make the Vestdijk an attractive green city boulevard. The office of Stoit Group is during the construction accessible by car. They expect that the work will be finished by the end of July 2019. Here you will find more information about the situation.

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