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Kingsday in Eindhoven

Kingsday in Eindhoven

Will you be in the Netherlands on the 27th of April? Do not be afraid; everything will be orange! People will be dressed up orange, red, white and blue. There is a big party because it is Kingsday in the Netherlands! The event you do not want to miss out when you are here!

What is Kingsday?

Kingsday was named Queensday before; we celebrate the monarch from the Netherlands. Queen Wilhelmina celebrated her birthday on the 31st of August, Queen Juliana on the 30th of April. Queen Beatrix her birthday is on the 31st of January, but she decided to celebrate her birthday on the birthday of her mother, Queen Juliana.

On Queensday (the 30th of April) 2013, our King, Willem-Alexander is inaugurated as the King of the Netherlands. From this moment we do not celebrate Queensday anymore, but Kingsday on his birthday, the 27th of April.

Every year during Kingsday the King, his famous wife Máxima, three daughters and his mother and family will visit a city in the Netherlands.

Kingsday in Eindhoven

Kingsday in Eindhoven is a big event. You should not miss out on this! In 2018 the Theme is “Eindhoven is King.” We expect over 200.000 people in the city. Would you like to have the best Kingsday? Eindhoven is the place to be!

Activities in Eindhoven

In many places, there will be markets. These markets will attract many children, but also adults to sell and buy second-hand products. Are you looking for a collector's item? You might be able to find it in these markets. Do not worry; there will be lots of food, music and drinks too!

Do not hesitate to visit the most popular places in Eindhoven!

  • Aquabest - Supersized Kingsday
  • De Bergen - Kleine Berg – Bergstraat
  • Dynamo – Royal block party Dynamo
  • Fensterrein – Happy Kingsday Fensterrein
  • Jan van Lieshoutstraat (O’sheas Irish pup)
  • Ketelhuis
  • Kruisstraat – Vrijmarkt
  • Klokgebouw – Blue Collar Royal
  • Lichtplein – This=music King’s day
  • Lichttorenplein - U Royale
  • Markt – King’s night & day markt
  • Stadhuisplein - Royal Dutch Eindhoven
  • Stadswandelpark - Oranje Markt
  • Stationsplein – King Hollandia
  • Stratumseind – King of Kings
  • Strijp-S - King-S festival
  • Wilhelminaplein
  • WoenselXL

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