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Useful links for expats in Eindhoven

useful links

We specialize in Expat Housing in Eindhoven and the surrounding region. Thus, we always aim to help and support expats in any way possible besides finding a nice place they can call home. In this blogpost we highlight some useful links for new Eindhoven citizens. (Called 'Eindhovenaren' in Dutch.)

First we start with some links close to our core business. After we help you to find a new home you need to move all your content. Relocation Eindhoven will help you with that. As they say, ‘’we don’t just organise your move, we settle you into your new home’’.

Learning the Language

Considering you now moved everything to Eindhoven you maybe ponder to learn the Dutch language. Learning Dutch can be hard, but with the help of the Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven you will pick it up faster than you think.

What about the children?

The following links will be very useful if you have children. Because education is important, finding a good school is necessary. We recommend the International School. The school is located in the city centre. For day care and out of school care in an international environment, you can go to Kinderstad.

Stay informed

So there you are again. Finding yourself in a new city. Curious about what’s going on and ready to learn about the region. But where do you start? For the region news we recommend 'Eindhoven News'.

For some, reading the news is a recreation. For others it’s just to keep up. For other recreation options in and around Eindhoven, you can go to 'This is Eindhoven'. There you find all the events that take place in Eindhoven. From festivals to the local market and theatres.

Going around

Now you know where to go, so let’s talk about how to go. If it’s in Eindhoven you should go by bike. Just like all the locals do. If you want to buy a bike then you can visit one of the city’s bike shops. There are plenty. For example, take the nice and reliable shop called Rijwielcentrale. If you prefer taking the bus or going to visit another city you can plan your trip with 9292.

Hopefully you find those links as useful as we do. If you have any questions about housing or the lovely city Eindhoven, please feel free to contact us.