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Stoit Groep is a family-owned business that was founded in 1989 by Ms Stoit. The company has been headquartered at Vestdijk in Eindhoven for fifteen years now. Stoit Groep is the region’s largest rental agency specialising in private rental properties in the mid to high-income sector. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by focusing exclusively on expat housing. Over the years, we have found properties for international employees at more than 120 multinational companies. We also manage properties for a large number of investors and private lessors.

Stoit Groep is a full-service agency that offers quality services to all clients. Our extensive rental department and in-house services in the field of administrative management, technical management, 24-hour service and cleaning facilities ensure fast turnover times. Stoit Groep is therefore able to offer an integrated and appropriate product.

The old Stoit Groep head office at the Vestdijk 22. At the opposite of the street of the current building.

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