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Our Team

The core of Stoit Groep is driven by an enthusiastic team of passionate specialists. The employees of Stoit Groep facilitate you as a landlord in finding a good tenant and take care of the full management during the rental period.

Het team

Bob Blezer

Rental Agent

Are you looking for a new home? Bob is here to help! He comes to work every day with enthusiasm and motivation. After identifying your housing needs, he will draw on his expertise and experience to find you the perfect home.
Karin Fanego

Karin Fanego

Commercieel & Backoffice

Karin is the commercial heart of our team. With more than seven years of experience, she is well-versed in the latest trends and developments on the rental market. She knows what it takes to maximise your rental property, is the back-up for the realtors and mediates between property owners and tenants.

Marissa Sheridan

Commercieel & Inspections

As a tenant, speed, accuracy, and professionalism are extremely important. And these just happen to be three things Marissa excels at! With extensive experience in the rental sector, Marissa knows how to meet the needs of both tenants and property owners.

Tim Brugmans

Rental Agent

Do you think about investing in real estate? Do you still doubt if you want to rent out your property? Tim is happy to advise you on purchasing commercial real estate and advises you about the possibilities.

Jan Jansen

Rental Agent

Are you looking for an apartment or a house? Jan will happily discuss the possibilities with you and plan a viewing. During the viewing Jan will give you information about the location and the background information. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to call.

Rowy van den Eijnden

Broker & Backoffice

Are you looking for a rental property or do you have questions about the rental agreement? Rowy is a true all-rounder! She carries out the work of the back office, conducts inspections and helps people find a rental home that fits their wishes and needs. In addition, she ensures that the Facebook and LinkedIn of Stoit Groep are up-to-date.
Arnoud Snoeijer

Arnoud Snoeijer

Commercial / management

Arnoud has been working at Stoit Groep for many years. In addition to the day-to-day management, his activities include the expansion of the company policy and the relation management with the large business contacts.
Malou van der Mast

Malou van der Mast

Inspections & Service

Malou is a real go-getter and makes the job look easy. Together with the tenant or the property owner, she determines whether the property meets the inspection requirements at the beginning and the end of the rental period. Malou does what is nesseccary to provide you with the correct service.
Simone Snijders

Simone Snijders


Simone has been a member of the Stoit team for years and knows our portfolio like no other! An inspection is carried out at the beginning and end of each rental period. During these inspections, Simone determines the state of the property in consultation with the tenant or property owner. She is a real all-rounder and can help you out with all your questions.

Eva Machielse

Service & Reception

Eva has been a member of the Stoit family for some time now and is a real all-rounder. If you have a problem with your rental property, Eva and her colleagues at the service department will help you solve it! Eva can also be of assistance at the reception desk and during inspections she checks the house together with you as a tenant or landlord.

Barbara Alewijns

Service & Inspections

Our enthusiastic colleague Barbara will ensure that the house is properly inspected. During the pre-inspection, she will get to know your home in detail. At the check-in and check- out she will ensure that nothing remains unseen en mentioned in the report. Do you have specific service questions? Even then she will gladly help you further.

Anouk Jansen


Anouk will offer you a warm welcome at the reception desk. With more than fifteen years of experience at Stoit Groep, Anouk is the primary point of contact for tenants and property owners. Anouk also makes sure that our office is stocked with the necessary items, so we can start each workday worry-free. Anouk also knows about all the payments and she manages our accounts receivables together with Michelle.

Mariëlle Vervoort


Salary administration, payments, and employee administration: Mariëlle has been responsible for these essential business aspects for years now. With more than fifteen years of experience at Stoit Groep, Mariëlle has become an important member of the Stoit family. She also takes care of the rest of the administration, the various banking and other accounting matters.

Thomas Haaksman

Financial and administrative management

Thomas is a financial and administrative hero. He ensures that all financial data of tenants and landlords are properly processed in the system. He also ensures that the invoices are correctly made and processed.
Henk Schroijen

Henk Schroijen


Our service man Henk is here to help! If you discover a problem, a defect, or damage to your property, Henk will be there to lend a helping hand. Simply contact our service department to make an appointment and Henk will stop by to carry out the necessary repairs. The costs will be discussed with you in advance.

Meta en Agnieszka


Meta and Agnieszka have been employed by Stoit Groep for years and are a very experienced cleaning team . They ensure that the properties are delivered completely spotless at the end of the rental period. They can also be of service during the rental period with an intermediate or even weekly cleaning. A great team!