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<15km from International School Apartments in Eindhoven

Housing in the Netherlands - Region guide

Looking for housing in the Netherlands, but not sure where you want to live yet? Please check out our rental housing offer in the following regions in the Netherlands. We offer a wide range of houses, apartments and other accommodation for expats. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you find the right housing units.

City Eindhoven


83 available
city 's Hertogenbosch

Den Bosch

15 available
City Tilburg


11 available


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Found a perfect short stay apartment for my work in Eindhoven, very reliable and professional company!

Tom, Eindhoven

Broker's strategy is 100% driven by the client's specific profile, which makes the interaction and eventual decisions faster and simple, saving time in all phases of the process. Polite and respectful team.

Donna, USA

Uitstekende service, flexibliteit, en contact. Stoit Groep werkt snel en effectief en komt haar afspraken na. Bovendien begrijpt ze mijn behoefte; als verhuurder wonend in het buitenland is dat alles waard!

L. Hofstee, Paris
Stoit groep

Are you moving abroad and looking to lease your home in the Netherlands? Stoit Group offers different services for lessors, such as finding the right person to rent your property.

Stoit groep

Whether your employees comes to The Netherlands for work and living, or are on a business trip, Stoit Groep wants to help you find the perfect rental.

Stoit groep

Looking for a place to stay in The Netherlands? Housing specialist Stoit Group can help you. From luxury apartment to spacious villa, Stoit Groep offers an extensive range of housing units in the Netherlands.