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Stoit provides a reliable and bespoke service for letting furnished and unfurnished rental properties. We help matching the right people with the right properties, and if desired we can take care of the complete property management based on your personal wishes. You can rest assured, knowing your home is in safe hands and that you will receive all the support you need.

Why choose Stoit to rent your property?

A reliable partner

We will guide you every step of the way when renting out your home

Expat specialist

We have extensive knowledge renting to expats

Total de-stress service

We are specialized in total property management

The areas we work in

What is the rental price of my home?

Stoit rents upholstered and furnished properties. Our property experts have extensive local knowledge of the rental markets in Eindhoven, Tilburg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Helmond and their adjacent surroundings, we can always provide you with an accurate and market-based rental valuation for your property. Contact us today for a free rental valuation of your property.

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Renting to expats? Stoit specializes in housing solutions for expats from all around the world.

Reliable tenants

Expats relocate to the Netherlands, often temporarily, to work and live here. They look for a suitable home for themselves, partner and or family. Expats are professionals and generally take good care of your house or apartment and are mostly sociable people, also towards their neighbors.

Temporary rental.

Expats usually only stay in the Netherlands for a certain period of time. The rental property is then entered into for a fixed term. This is usually referred to as a temporary lease – (the landlord’s diplomatic clause). A diplomatic clause provides a way to extend the temporary lease without giving the tenant rental protection.  Perhaps a simple solution if you were to extend your stay away from your home, you can rent out your home for a second period..

Guaranteed source of income.

Expats usually prefer to rent an upholstered or fully furnished property, making relocating much easier. As a landlord, you don’t have to worry about your home being vacant for long. Due to the presence of large number of international companies in the Brainport area, your home will be rented out quickly due to high demand for rental properties.

A single point of contact.

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Info Zara Thuiszorg

Tijdens het verhuren van onze woning in Eindhoven.Wij hebben erg fijne ervaring met Stoit groep gehad. Vriendelijke en deskundige medewerkers en je krijgt meteen antwoord op je vragen. Ze zijn ook goed bereikbaar.

Arno van de spijker

We zijn heel goed geholpen om een huurder te vinden voor ons huis. Er zijn snel nieuwe huurders gevonden nadat de vorige huurders vertrokken. De overgang is goed geregeld en soepel verlopen. Stoit bedankt.



Momenteel al 7 jaar mijn appartement in de verhuur bij Stoit. Ze weten altijd snel huurders te vinden, dus in 7 jaar maar 1 maand leegstand gehad. Full service bureau, aanrader voor zowel huurder alsmede verhuurder.