Property Management

Management of your property

Finding the best possible tenant for your property is one thing, but who will do the management of the property ? Obviously you can do this yourself. However, if you don’t want to be hassled by the day-to-day maintenance and all the technical, legal and financial matters, we can help you out. Stoit offers a wide ranging service and will be looking after your tenant and your property and act as the single point of contact for your tenant. You can choose from full or partial management. You can find more information about this below.

Full management

If you opt for full management, Stoit will take care of all work related to the rental of your property. Stoit will act as an intermediary between you, as a landlord, and the tenant of your property. With full management (a comprehensive package), the following services will be covered by our management agreement.

  1. Financial management:

Stoit arranges financial matters on your behalf such as rental collections etc.  Stoit also takes care of any further handling for both you and the tenant. We will be contacting the tenant in the event of any rent arrears. Does the rental agreement end? Our financial department will then draw up the final settlement with the tenant and supervise further processing with you.

  1. Maintenance of your home:

Stoit arranges all technical work and services that needs to be carried out in and around the property on your behalf. This includes an initial and final inspection, resolving technical faults, coordinating maintenance orders, arranging the final delivery of the property and handling any complaints from an existing or new tenant. Emergencies are also covered by the agreement.