Working procedure

Rent out your home in 9 clear steps

Step 1: No-obligation introductory meeting

You have indicated that you are interested in renting out your home. We will contact you within 24 hours and schedule an introductory meeting. This conversation is always without financial obligation and you are not legally bound in any way! Together with one of our special rental agents, you will discuss any questions and demands that you may have and we will inform you about our working procedure.  It is also possible to combine the introductory meeting directly with the home inspection.

Step 2: Home inspection

During the on-site home inspection, we will record and note as much information about the home as possible. Consider the number of rooms, detached, or semi-detached or terraced house, or apartment, energy label, upholstered or fully furnished and other particulars of the property.

Step 3: Service agreement

When you commit  to the rental service agreement for your property, we will draw up the service agreement stating all our obligations, our conditions, the rental price, duration of the rental term, agency fees and condition for the rental property are detailed here

Step 4: Listing the property online

Stoit produce an online advertisement of your home for placement on the Stoit website and other various websites such as Pararius. Photographs are taken for every new rental property by a professional experienced real estate photographer.

Step 5: Viewing the property

Stoit will schedule a viewing moment with prospective candidates and provide substantial information related to the property. This way the candidates get a positive impression of the property.  When a candidate is interested in the property, we ask them to send us the required documents. We will of course keep you fully updated about any viewings and potential tenants.

Step 6: Screening of candidates and prospective tenants

All prospective tenants are fully referenced by our team who will check the tenants identity, employment status, credit history and also again references from previous landlords if applicable. Only tenants who pass our vigorous referencing checks and who have been approved by the landlord will be offered the property

We carry out a credit & background check of the tenant. This ensures that you know exactly who is living in your home.

Once all references are completed we will seek your confirmation to move the tenant in to the property. We will agree move in dates and discuss with you any maintenance issues which may need attention prior to the new tenant moving in.

Step 7: Rental contract

Once you have selected your new tenant, we will draw up the rental contract and schedule the appointment for the initial inspection and the handing over of the keys. Stoit will send you the rental agreement as soon as the tenant has signed.

Step 8: Payment of rent & deposit

Stoit guarantees payment of the rent and deposit before the agreed date. Every new tenant must transfer the first rental payment and deposit to us before the start date. We will deposit the rental payment minus any mediation fees, to the landlord’s bank account.

Step 9: Management and monthly checks

Tenants are instructed to ensure that rental payment occurs before or on the first day of each calendar month. Rental income will be deposited into the agreed bank account within five working days (depending on holidays and weekends). Stoit will give notifications of any financial transfers to the stated bank account.  The accounts department will confirm monthly payments and check whether your tenant has paid in full and is not in arrears. If maintenance or minor repairs are required, we will resolve this in consultation with you