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Every member of our lettings team aims to make renting the property of your choice, a seamless experience. From beginning to end, we make sure that all tenants receive exceptional service and are protected at every stage. We know the local market and the environment of your prospective rental home better than anyone else. Contact us today and you may soon have the keys to your own place.

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I want to rent a property, what should I be aware of ?

  • Renting a home can be a complicated process and with so many changes constantly going on within the housing market, it can be difficult to keep up to date. Stoit try to simplify things for you with a guide  on how to rent for tenants.
    • Check our website for the available properties in the area of your choice and immediately respond if interested,
    • We will contact you as soon as a time slot for viewing is available
    • Are you still enthusiastic after your viewing? Then we need you to send the required documents
    • The 3x rule states that a person’s monthly rent should not exceed three times their gross monthly income,
    • We will introduce you to the landlord and he will make the final decision
    • Have you been chosen? Then we will start on your rental file and rental contract
    • Did you sign? Has the landlord signed? Now is the time to make an appointment at the property to hand over the keys of your new home.
    • As of July 1, 2023, we will adhere to the protocol for allocating prospective tenants. You can read more information about this here:.

I want to rent a property!

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Rated with a 4/5

Melissa van de vorle

Tijdelijk een appartement in Eindhoven stad via stoit groep gehuurd. Dit ging allemaal erg snel en gemakkelijk. Medewerkers zijn erg vriendelijk en hebben goed geholpen. Appartement was gemeubileerd en zag er netjes uit. Erg tevreden!

Stefan van Gerwen

De beste makelaar van Eindhoven.
Perfect geholpen door Iscander Driesen.
Fijn persoonlijk contact en een enorme wil om ons aan een nieuwe woning te helpen. Nogmaals bedankt voor alle inzet.

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