Een woning huren met welke kosten dien je rekening te houden naast de huurprijs?
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Renting a home: what costs do you have to pay in addition to the rent?

In some cases, a fixed amount for gas, water and electricity will be charged. This is done when it is not possible to carry out a subsequent calculation, which occurs regularly in old blocks of apartment block buildings

TV and Internet

With the contracts for TV and Internet, it is about the same as with the contracts for gas, water and electricity. In the case of furnished premises, this remains in the name of the landlord or manager, with upholstered properties in the name of the tenant. With a few exceptions.

Municipal taxes

Every municipality has municipal taxes that are charged to the occupant of a home. It differs per municipality how the municipality deals with the municipal taxes. These are usually calculated to the resident and are calculated from the commencement date of occupancy until the end of the year and thereafter per year.

When the tenant leaves the home earlier than the end of the year and deregisters, the municipality calculates how much has been paid for the period in which the resident is no longer a resident, and this is refundable. However, there are also municipalities that address the bill to the landlord. It is not the same for every municipality.

It is important to know that the costs have to be paid by the resident.

The municipal taxes can be found on the website of the municipality where you will live.

Household insurance
Do you want to be sure that when something happens to the home, such as a burglary or fire, you have money to buy new items? Then it is wise to take out a household insurance policy.

The costs of the household insurance depend on the value of your household items. Even if you rent furnished, it is strongly recommended to take out a household insurance for your own items, including your clothing, notebook, telephone, camera and jewellery.

The tenancy insurance for coverage of damage to the home does not have to be taken by a tenant. The landlord arranges this.

Ready to live in your new home!

Have you taken the above costs into account? Then you are ready to start renting. Good luck finding the right rental property!

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