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6 reasons to rent out with a rental agent

You have a house or apartment that you want to rent out. Alternatively,you want to buy a house or apartment for rental purpose. Real estate can be a good investment. If you do it right, of course.You probably hear horror stories sometimes. Of course, you want to stay away from that. In this blog, we put 6 advantages of renting through a rental agent at a glance.

1. reach more interested people

The rental agent publishes the property on their website. However, of course, this is not the only thing he does. He has a corporation with different websites that display rental properties. He also maintains intensive contact with relocation agents, the large companies in the area with international staff and places that Expats visit a lot like, The Hub and Holland Expat Center South.

2. Higher rental income

The rental agent knows the market well. He also knows what is the best rental price for your property. If you set the price too high, the chance of longer vacancies is high. If you set too low, you will lose income every month. The rental agent has a large clientele, knows how to find the customers and does targeted marketing campaigns. It makes you get the best out of the rental price.

3. No worries about regulations

There are rules that you as a landlord must comply with. You also have adventures that you have that the rental contract meets. What is allowed, and what is not allowed. Picking out all rules is big caraway. Your rental agent knows what you can and cannot record contractually and how the legislation on rental is put together. So you estimate problems afterwards.

4. No wrong tenants

The nightmare of every homeowner is a ‘wrong tenant’. These are tenants who do not rent with the right intention. They pay poorly or not, carry out illegal activities in your home or sublet the home. Your rental agent recognises, through his experience, a ‘wrong tenant’ in most cases quickly. If this does not happen in the first interview, it will be highlighted in the extensive screening. Many expats are rented out in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. These are generally reliable tenants. The rental agent knows how to find them well.

5. Management and Service is arranged

The rental agent arranges the management and the service. The service department can be reachedseven days a week between 08:00 and 22:00. Here tenants can go to their questions and problems. There is always a service provider ready to help the tenant. For example, it may be that the tenant is shutting out, the water pipe is leaking. The rental broker also ensures that payment arrears are signalled immediately, and actions are taken. Keep in mind that the chance that your home will be rented to an expat is large. They are new to the country and therefore need more questions and help.

6. Shorter vacancy

A landlord does not want vacancy. Vacancy means that there is no income. The rental agent realises minimal vacancy, a presentation on the right websites, an extensive network, a large variety of customers, good findability online. Of course, the rental agent provides a beautiful visual presentation.

Rent out via Stoit

These are just a selection of the advantages that a rental agent offers you. At Stoit Groep we are specialised in renting out houses and apartments. People who want to rent via the Stoit Groep must be able to identify themselves. Also, the candidate tenants must have sufficient financial capacity to meet the monthly rent. For this, we request access to an employment contract. When in doubt, we do a credit check, we call the employer and ask for references from former landlords.


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