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How to prevent home burglary?

When a house is broken into, you may feel violated. In addition to suffering property damage and losing irreplaceable items, there is often also serious damage due to the burglary and destruction to the property. Apart from that, residents are left behind with the overwhelming feeling of being invaded in their own home.

Burglary can never be completely prevented. But what can you do to prevent a break-in? How do you make it difficult for someone who wants to break into your property? And how well is your house secured?

There are a number of things that a landlord can do to reduce the risk of someone breaking into the house. A tenant can also easily take measures to prevent a break-in.

What the landlord can do

Secure doors and windows

There are many different ways to secure doors against intruders. For example security locks, a security strip, a side lock and a doorkeeper. For windows thieves claws, cockspur window handle, side locks and barrier bars and grilles are good options. Are you looking for a company that can properly advise on hinges and locks and can also install it? Go to the website Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen.

Also check whether the skylights are fitted with approved hinges and locks.

Install a home security alarm system

With a security system (wireless if required), an alarm goes off when intruders are detected. This can be a siren on location and the monitored alarm system is also connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre. When an alarm is triggered or the Alarm Receiving Centre detects movements in the house they will contact the resident.
If you choose for an alarm system with a direct link to an Alarm Receiving Centre, then preferably choose a Borg-certified Alarm Receiving Centre. In the event of an intruder alarm activation a signal is sent to the ARC and they will inform the police. In addition, a security system can discount your home insurance.

Secure the second floor

Extra protection of windows and doors is often applied on the ground floor. But in many cases burglars enter your home through a fence, extension or simply a ladder. Therefore always close your upstairs windows when you leave.

Provide lighting

Burglars like to act in the dark. Security light outside the house is the best option for keeping your front door safe from vicious people. It makes your home much less attractive because the risk of being seen is much greater.

What the tenant can do

Keep all doors and windows closed and locked!

It’s a no brainer, but close windows and doors. An open exterior window or door, even if it is only slightly open,  is an invitation for burglars to easily enter your home. An open window on the first floor is no less tempting for a burglar. By climbing on a fence, extension or garbage container, the burglar is inside in the blink of an eye.

Do not leave a key on the inside of doors and windows.

When the key is on the inside, the burglar can easily enter the property by smashing a window or by drilling holes in the door pillars.

Give the property a ‘lived-in’ look when you are not there.

Leave lights on when you leave. Turning on the TV can also suggest that someone is present.

Never leave anything of value in plain view

Valuables that are in sight can be a trigger to break into. Think of equipment such as a tablet, mobile phone and jewelry. Put away these items so that potential burglars don’t notice these are present in the home. Make sure you do not have large amounts of cash at home.

Register and mark your possessions.

In the unlikely event that you are burgled, it will help when your valuables are registered or marked. If the loot is found elsewhere, you can easily recognize your possessions and the police can deliver the goods to your home again.

Join forces with neighborhood prevention.

With neighborhood prevention, residents and the police are joining forces to fight crime. That means keeping eyes and ears open in your own interest and that of your immediate environment. Particularities, problems and suspicious situations are signaled and passed on to the correct authority.
Do you want to know more about neighborhood prevention? Contact the police in your area or visit the website WhatsApp Buurtpreventie

Don’t advertise your vacation on social media.

When you are on vacation, burglars have plenty of time to empty your home. Make sure that when you are on vacation this is visible as little as possible. So don’t post it on social media either. Also install lighting with a timer in the house so that light is switched on in different places in the home.

Don’t label your personal keys

If you lose the key ring or if keys get stolen, you make it very easy for a burglar.

Do not hide keys outside.

It is not safe to hide the keys under the doormat or in a flower pot.

Feel free to contact us

With this blog we hope to have given you plenty of useful tips for securing your house against intruders. If you want to rent or rent out a property, our team is ready to answer all your questions and facilitate you during your rental process the best way we can. Feel free to contact us by phone on +31 088 5555040 or by email at info@stoit.nl.

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