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Short stay apartments

Temporary housing

Our short stay apartments provide the perfect solution for both business and private customers looking for temporary housing. Our apartments offer a high end finish  with the luxury feeling of your own home and they cost less than a hotel.

You can contact us for both upholstered and furnished properties. Read this article if you are looking for temporary living space in Eindhoven, Den Bosch or Tilburg.

What is short stay?

Short stay is the temporary rental of an upholstered or furnished property. The apartments provide the comfort of your own home and are usually cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Who are short stay temporary living spaces for?

Short stay apartments are aimed at private individuals, expats and business customers who are looking for temporary living space and want to keep all the amenities and comforts of their own home. They are intended for a short to medium rental period.

Advantages of short stay apartments

Short stay apartments have several advantages. We have listed some of these benefits for you underneath:

Fully furnished or upholstered?

You can opt for fully furnished apartments. With everything from furniture to kitchenware and even bed linen included, renters can move in and start living right away without the hassle of buying or transporting furniture.

Do you prefer to choose for an upholstered property? Then you can furnish your new temporary home to your own taste.

Free internet and television:

The apartments are (often) fully equipped, including television and internet. This way you have the  facilities and luxury you are used to at home.

Fully Equipped Kitchen:

Our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, offering an enhanced level of independence and convenience during your stay. You can prepare your meals and enjoy the privacy of your own space whilst saving on the costs of eating out in restaurants.

Parking facilities:

Many of the apartments include dedicated underground parking spaces which are safe and secure, ensuring complete peace of mind at all times.

Spacious apartments:

You can choose from various apartment sizes enabling you to select the perfect size for your needs. We have great studio’s but also one- or two- bedroom apartments, providing enough living space for you and/or your family.

Central location:

Our apartments are centrally located, just minutes away from facilities such as supermarkets, shops, trendy restaurants, cafes and within walking distance to public transport!

Characteristics of short stay apartments

The apartments that are rented temporarily have various characteristics, we have listed a number of them for you:

  • Size: The apartments average from 55 to 95 square meters
  • Rooms: The apartments consist of 2 to 3 rooms including a kitchen
  • Price: The price depends on the location and size of the property, but generally cheaper than a regular hotel.

Apartment locations

Stoit has a wide range of short stay apartments spread across various locations and cities. We currently have accommodations in the following cities:

– Eindhoven

– Tilburg

– Den Bosch