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How do I rent out my home temporarily?

Have you been given the unique opportunity to work abroad for a few years? Or have you decided to leave the Netherlands to take a sabbatical? These are exciting new opportunities! In addition to making the necessary housing arrangements in your new country, if you own a home in the Netherlands, you’ll also have to make arrangements here. Do you plan on leaving your home vacant? Or are you interested in selling or renting it out? If you know you’ll be returning to the Netherlands at some point, renting out your home may be the best option. After all, it’s comforting to know you have a home to return to. You can also choose to rent out your home temporarily with the aim of selling it later or you can rent it out while it’s on the market. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of renting out your home temporarily.


Temporary rental contracts
As a lessor, you can choose to draft a temporary rental contract, although this option is less appealing to potential tenants. The contract is valid for a minimum rental period to be determined by you and a maximum rental period of two years. Premature termination of this contract is not possible for lessors, but it is possible for tenants. The advantage of drafting a temporary rental contract is that it guarantees that the tenant will vacate your home at the end of the two-year rental period. Make sure you notify the tenant in writing one to three months before the end of the rental period that the contract will expire soon. You can read more about temporary rental contracts here.

Eviction clause
You may have heard of an eviction clause before. This clause can be included in the rental contract by both tenants and lessors. We recommend including this clause in your contract if you plan on moving abroad temporarily. With the inclusion of this clause, you don’t have to worry about finding temporary housing when you return to the Netherlands, as you can simply move back to your own home. Tenants will have a notice period of three calendar months.

Renting out your home under the Dutch Vacancy Act
When you rent out your home for an unspecified period, specific regulations apply to protect tenants. This makes it extremely difficult if not impossible for a lessor to terminate the rental contract. Nevertheless, renting can be financially appealing if you have trouble selling your home and can help you avoid double housing costs. In this case, renting under the Dutch Vacancy Act may be an attractive option. You will have to request a permit from the municipality in order to be eligible for this act. Without this permit, the standard rental protection measures apply. At the end of the rental agreement, the tenant will have to vacate your property so you can put your home on the market.


Quickly renting out your home
Potential tenants who plan on renting a home for a longer period will be less interested in properties with clauses and temporary contracts. Keep in mind that it will be more difficult to quickly renting out your home in this case. Stoit Groep specialises in expat rentals. The advantage of renting to expats is that the contracts are temporary and the tenants tend to return to their countries of origin within a few years. As a result, you can safely rent out your home without the risk of the tenant staying there long term.

Are you interested in renting out your home based on one of the rental scenarios described above? Read more about renting out your home temporarily or contact us for an obligation-free consultation.

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