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How many houses can you rent out?

Investing in real estate is a significant trend. Everyone sees opportunities in this still ever-growing market.

Banks offer opportunities with financing products to also facilitate the ‘private investor’ when purchasing an investment property. Funded investing in real estate is more within reach.

Spreading is still an important pillar in investing. Investors have different strategies for achieving an optimal return. ‘Return on investment’ and ‘surplus value potential’ are therefore important factors in the purchase of an investment property.

But how many houses you rent out? In this blog we will answer this frequently asked question for you.

Good news: you can rent out thís many properties

The answer on ‘How many properties can you rent out’ is simple: as much as you want.

When we talk about box 3 (real estate) investments however, you have to take the tax consequences into account.

Am I an investor or entrepreneur? That is of course a tax theme. This question is difficult to answer.

In any case, ensure that the appearance of entrepreneurship is avoided. You can choose to hand over mediation and management of the houses, to make sure your earnings belong to box 3 instead of box 1.

The importance of a rental agent

Generally speaking, you can thus rent out an infinite number of properties in box 3, as long as you ensure that you do not perform any activities with regard to houses. This is why you need a rental agent.

Also, owning and enhancing return on investment property provides care and is very labour-intensive. Your rental agent is of great importance because you probably do not want that care, especially if you are not an entrepreneur.

Get in touch with an expert

Be well informed in advance by specialists, especially when it concerns multiple investment properties. Tip: find extra information in our blog: buying a house to rent out.

If you’re looking for a care-free solution for renting out your house, you can always contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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