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Long-distance landlords – What’s their experience?

Daan and Julia are landlords who moved to Singapore two years ago because of Julia’s promotion at work. Living at a great distance made it difficult to rent, manage, negotiate with potential tenants, take care of maintenance and solve unforeseen problems.

Every year they travelled to the Netherlands and spent three days resolving problems at their home, thereby wasting valuable vacation time.

Despite the challenges involved with remote property management, the couple did not want to miss the opportunity to rent out their home in the Netherlands.

The main goal of Daan and Julia was to find a full rental and management service that they could trust. They wanted the assurance that any problems that arise during the rental period would be dealt with quickly and efficiently and are professionally resolved.

The solution

After the first contact with Stoit Groep, Daan and Julia discovered that we can offer them more than just the steady rental income. In addition to a consistent income, we also take care of finding a new tenant, take care of the initial delivery, prepare clear and complete inspection reports, are available 7 days a week for service follow-up and ensure a good final cleaning on departure of the tenant. The property is in safe hands.

Stoit Groep’s “carefree rental” model offered them a carefree, fully managed service that offers peace and income security. They experienced long-term, appropriate service that took away their concerns about their home remotely and across multiple time zones.

The advantages

No income loss due to extra management costs. Stoit Groep has simplified the process of finding a reliable tenant for them with the added advantage that the chance of vacancy has been considerably reduced. According to the calculation, limiting the vacancy rate and renting out at a slightly higher rent yields Daan and Julia’s home a whopping € 2,340 more over their three-year lease. In addition, the management was done entirely by Stoit Groep, so it didn’t cost Daan and Julia any time or work. How great is that?! More income and less work!

Additional advantages

Daan and Julia feel comfortable because their home is well cared for. And as an additional advantage, instead of flying back to the Netherlands during a vacation to do jobs around the house, they can now relax and enjoy their vacation!

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