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Make your rental home fire safe with these tips

Before you can rent out your home to expats, it is essential that everything be in order. As a landlord, you have to make sure that the tenants can safely use your house. Imagine that in case of fire, it turns out the home was not fire-safe. Apart from the drama and the injury of the residents, the responsibility can be placed with the homeowner in case of negligence. It is, of course, an exceptional situation, but it can happen. To help you prevent these problems we have put some tips on this blog.

Furnish your home safely

Many people think that fire in the house will never happen, or it will not happen to them, but there are still many reports of a fire at home, which in some cases leads to unpleasant consequences. The first step that you can take to make your home fire-safe has to do with furnishing. When you furnish the home, keep sufficient free space between furniture so that residents can easily move around the house. Should fire ever break out, they can quickly get away without being bothered by obstacles. The seconds that are saved can be of vital importance.

Purchase the necessary materials

Purchase smoke detectors, these are a must have athome. Make sure you place a smoke alarm in every room in the house and the escape routes. Definitely in the bedroom! The smoke detectors ensure that when there is too much smoke, an ‘alarm’ goes off so that residents know that something is wrong. The smoke is even more dangerous than the fire itself, especially at night. People do not smell anything while sleeping, but we can hear. Smoke alarms give you the extra time to bring yourself to safety. Also, ensure that a large fire extinguisher is present in a central location in the house and that it can be accessed quickly.

A fire-safe chimney

If your house is equipped with a chimney, it is important to check it regularly. A chimney fire occurs because the chimney flue is dirty or blocked. When you burn oil, coal or wood in a stove or fireplace, unburnable particles end up in the chimney. It is then deformed into a tar-like and very flammable layer. It is also possible that when a chimney has not been used for a long time, bird’s has nested in the chimney. Make sure the chimney is regularly swept so that it remains fire safe.


Washing machines, dishwashers, and dryers are everyday devices that save you a lot of work. You can find these devices in almost every home. These machines can also cause a fire. When using a tumble dryer, dust accumulates, not only in the fluff filter but also in other parts of the device. In combination with the heat, this dust can ignite. Dishwashers and dryers are at risk in the heating elements, if a short circuit occurs in one of these elements, this can cause afire. Make sure to maintain these devices properly and regularly to keep the risks as small as possible. Is the clothes dryer in the attic? Make sure that there is also a smoke detector placed there.

Fireproofing for rental

The better the house is finished and equipped, the better the rental opportunities and the price will be. Fire safety is also part of the preparation of the house. The above tips help with this. Do you want to rent out your property? Read more about temporarily renting your home or contact us for a free consultation.

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