Toeristenbelasting afdracht bij Airbnb verhuur. En hoe te voorkomen?
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Tourist tax payment for Airbnb rentals. And how to prevent this?

Renting homes or apartments for short periods of time through booking websites like AirBnB has become very popular in recent years. For example, homeowners who go on holiday for a month can generate additional income this way. It is customary to pay tourist tax for hotel stays and stays in holiday homes.

For a long time, private landlords have remained out of this range. Now that this group has grown considerably in the Eindhoven region, this category of landlords is also appointed. The municipality of Eindhoven has therefore employed an external agency to make an inventory of all rentals and to send notice to the landlords.

Who should pay tourist tax?

If you offer accommodation in which people stay for a night in exchange ofa reimbursement and who are not registered in the Persons Registration Database of the municipality of Eindhoven, you are liable to pay tax. Think of staying in a guesthouse, hotel, port, group accommodation or in a private rented home. The accommodation for foreign employees who are not registered in the Basic Registration Persons is also included.

Research tourist tax

The municipality of Eindhoven is currently conducting an investigation (September 2018) to identify which short-stay accommodations are being offered for rent and whether tax is due here.Landlords who were liable to tax will be charged with retroactive effect.
Additional tourist tax
For many landlords it was not known that they had to pay the tourist tax of €3.50 per person per night for short stay (overnight) of the living area. Additional tax for the past years can increase considerably. A homeowner who, for example, has rented out the space for an average of two people for 150 nights per year over the past four years, can expect an additional assessment of €4,200.

Onderzoek toeristenbelasting

How do I avoid tourist tax when renting my house or apartment?

We of Stoit group rent houses and furnished or unfurnishedapartments for longer periods of time, with a minimum of 3 calendar months. The tenant agrees to register in the Basic Administration Persons of the municipality. The rentals are mainly arranged with international companies or with the international employees of these companies, also known as expats.They often work on a project of, for example, six months with a great chance of extension. In many cases, the rent of furnished homes is for one to two years, sometimes even longer. If prospective tenants already know in advance that they will be coming to the Eindhoven region for more than 2 years, it is worthwhile that they bring their own furniture or buy new furniture when renting a semi-furnished house.

Carefree management outsourced

In addition to placing a tenant and completing the lease, Stoit Group takes care of the landlords’ concerns, even during the lease. Stoit Group also provides check-ins and Checkouts. In addition, intermediate inspections can be carried out on request.
We have monthly invoices to companies and the debtor management of the rents under control. The tenant can always contact his service desk with his or her questions, which is available seven days a week. At the end of the rental period, a thorough final cleaning will always take place so that the next tenant also arrives in a clean house.
Carefree renting out your property? Call or e-mail us. We will inform you about the opportunities without obligation.

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