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Short Stay Rentals

What is Short Stay?

Short Stay apartments in Eindhoven are on the rise, a flexible way of renting out your home. It is all in the name; short stay rental stands for renting out your rental house for a short period of time (at least 1 month, up to a maximum of 12 months). This way of renting is the perfect solution for expats. They are often looking for a home for a short period of time, where they can easily feel comfortable.

As Pied-à-terre, short stay is a good alternative to a hotel accommodation for these guests. After all, short stay apartments are furnished homes with amenities such as a kitchen that radiates a home-like feel that these guests are often looking for.

Expats that rent a short stay due to working on a project in the area usually stay longer than initially intended due to a continuation of said project. Here, the original short stay rental can continue for one to two years.

Short stay verhuren

Stort Stay vs. AirBnB rental

Short stay rentals are often confused with AirBnB rentals. When renting through AirBnB or one of the similar sites, these accommodations are offered starting from one night. The stay is rarely longer than one month. These are usually very short-term rentals with multiple guests per month. With short stay rental, a rental agreement is drawn up, just like in the case of rental for a longer period of time. Extensive start and end inspections are carried out and the tenant can register with the municipality.

Benefits of Short Stay Rentals

When you rent out under a short-stay contract, this will provide more flexibility. After each short period of rental, it is possible to re-evaluate whether you want to immediately rent out your apartment again. Perhaps you would like to enjoy your home yourself during the holidays? With short stay rentals, you will not be tied to a contract of a minimum of twelve months and as a result, you will have more freedom.

After each guest, the property should of course be inspected, which we are happy to do for you. The property will be inspected more often compared to long-term rental. In this way, any cases of damage can be detected more quickly and the property is well maintained.

Guests pay per booked night and in addition, the price can easily be adjusted when the demand increases and the supply decreases. Compared to long-term rental, this will increase the rental income (at high occupancy rates).


Only free rental sector homes are eligible for short stay rentals if the landlord does not live in the property. For apartments it is important to check if short stay rental is allowed by the HOA. Local government regulations regarding AirBnB rental is subject to change. For up-to-date information on this, please visit the website of your municipality. Interested in renting out short stay apartments or properties in the region of Eindhoven, Den Bosch and Tilburg? Please contact us.

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