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How do I quickly rent out my property?

Renting out your property can be extremely advantageous from a financial perspective. You will receive a monthly rental income and can charge municipal taxes and levies to the tenant if the property is furnished. Other advantages include social control and a property that is heated and kept clean. Renting out your home is a smart move if you plan on living abroad for an extended period of time.
When a property is vacant for too long, it can put a serious strain on your finances. That’s why it’s important to make your property as attractive as possible with an eye towards preventing long-term vacancy. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Hire a professional photographer

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the rental sector. The quality of the photos is also important. Stoit Groep works with a company that takes a series of photographs of your property. All rooms are photographed in the most flattering way possible. The company can also create floorplans to give potential tenants a better idea of the layout. We’ve noticed that tenants are much more likely to request a viewing if the property is neat and well-presented.

Make sure to focus on the details during your photo shoot. Your property should be clean, bright, and nicely decorated. A professional photo shoot will significantly increase the chances of your property being viewed and rented out!

2. Modern conveniences

Another tip to help you rent out your property more quickly is to make sure it is equipped with modern appliances and devices. A dishwasher, a freezer, a flat screen TV, and wireless internet are all par for the course when it comes to furnished houses these days. Modern appliances like these are particularly high on the list of priorities for expats! Make sure the appliances work and that they come with the necessary manuals.

3. Clean and hygienic

The cleanliness of a property is one of the first things people notice during a viewing – and first impressions tend to last the longest. Make sure the paintwork is tidy, fill any holes or damage to the walls, and make sure the property smells clean and fresh. Many expats tend to prefer properties that are uncarpeted. As an added benefit, laminate, composite, and tiled floors are easier to maintain and more wear-resistant. Clean and tidy properties tend to get rented out more quickly.

4. Keep the furnishings neutral but warm

To maximise the chance of renting out your property, make sure it appeals to as wide an audience as possible. This means keeping the furnishings neutral and staying away from bold colours or styles. You should, however, add some decor elements to give your property the necessary warmth. In the end, the tenant will decorate their new home to their own tastes during the rental period.

5. Be flexible

The fewer conditions you set, the more accessible your property will be to potential tenants. A property with fewer conditions is more likely to be rented out. Unless it is strictly necessary, we do not recommend including a vacancy clause or an eviction clause in your rental terms. Try to see things from the tenant’s perspective and keep the number of rules to a minimum.

6. Include a property folder

Presenting your potential tenants with a clear and detailed property folder shows them that you are highly organised and assures them that everything has been properly documented. It also gives tenants a useful package of information to consult if they have questions.

7. Give your realtor the keys and the alarm code

To rent out your property as quickly as possible, make sure the realtor has everything he or she needs for the viewing and the ultimate delivery. Expats tend to prefer properties that can be viewed and moved into within a relatively short timeframe. To prevent any unnecessary delays, make sure the realtor has the keys to the property, the alarm code, the waste disposal pass, and the remote to the car park, if applicable.

If you would like more information about successfully renting out your property and using our extensive services, feel free to contact us!

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